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We offer affordable and customisable storage or office solutions for growing businesses or start ups in the local area. With the vision that we can create a bustling community for like minded businesses where ideas can grow and passion can be shared.


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Reusing shipping containers enables us to eliminate the use of building materials such as concrete and brick, which are major sources of CO2 emissions. We can also reduce the demand on steel fabrication, saving thousands of kilograms per container.



In collaboration with local business Frost Branding Solutions, we can tailor for all of your signage and graphic requirements.  Offering full customisability means you can really make your space your own and promote your business through exciting and elegant design solutions.



At Box City, we pride ourselves on our affordability. We know that overhead costs including rent can cripple a business, and are often the reason some businesses don’t start at all. That is why we aim to give small and start-up businesses the boost they need by offering low and flexible rates.

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