PO Boxes

1. Privacy and professionalism for home based businesses.

Many small businesses working from home don’t want their actual location to be publicly available.  A PO Box gives them extra protection and helps avoid unwanted and unexpected visitors turning up to their homes. PO Boxes can also help these small businesses look more professional as it will appear they are working from a commercial address.


2. To avoid unwanted visitors at office premises.

PO boxes aren’t just for small businesses, some large businesses don’t want customers turning up at their offices unannounced. Call centres, brokers, large solicitors, and many more, all use PO Box Addresses to protect their actual location.


3. Get an address in the UK from abroad.

It is surprising the amount of people who are abroad and need/want an address in the UK. International businesses also benefit from having a PO Box in the UK as this allows them to start up or build their presence within the UK.



4. A fixed address for those frequent movers or are in temporary accommodation.

If you are an individual who rents, you are probably know better than anyone else that a large number of the population move house at least once a year. This can of course lead to lost important post, or even post falling into the wrong hands. This  is why renters are using PO Boxes, to maintain the same consistent postal address. It also saves the hassle of changing your address frequently.