Did you know that there are millions of shipping containers in the world but only a fraction of them are in service and used actively?

This leaves many of the shipping containers sitting in ports and storage yards, wasting valuable resource which we can help bring to life. Using these shipping containers prevents the use of bricks and cement which is a major source of CO2, and a massive reuse of materials such as steel. 

We believe that these millions of containers can be used for absolutely anything, from living spaces, to start up and existing businesses as either office spaces or a shop in itself. The possibilites only end where your imagination does and we are here to help those possibilities become a reality.

We offer customisable containers, at an affordable purchase rate or price, with the option of renting one of our existing spaces with included wifi, heating, and parking for yourself or your business. With processes such as fully wrapping the containers we can majorly increase the lifespan of the building, using environmentally safe PVC free material too.